Comprehensive Talent Management

Comprehensive talent managementInclude the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Senior VPs of Human Resources complain daily that their CEOs still treat talent management strategy as an afterthought, failing to grasp both how it supports the CEO’s plans for the business and his or her role in making a contribution.

This is rooted in the major misconception that talent management is just succession planning. If there is one rule that should guide your talent management strategy, it’s this: Your talent pipeline is only as strong as its weakest link. Successful organizations need effective leaders at all levels and in all functional areas, which goes well beyond succession planning.

Another often overlooked or discounted piece of talent management strategy is learning aka employee development. The benefits of supporting employees’ learning are many and undeniable, however, spending more money is not the only solution. Companies of all sizes can support the development of their employees by including the following:

  • Significant on the job experience;
  • Cross divisional projects;
  • Job shadowing;
  • Stretch assignments;
  • Personal development planning; and
  • Coaching and active mentoring

A comprehensive talent management strategy focuses on five areas: attracting, selecting, engaging, developing and retaining high-quality employees. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), talent management is broadly defined as “the implementation of integrated strategies or systems designed to increase workplace productivity by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining and utilizing people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs.” Simply put, get the right people, on the right bus, in the right seat and keep them engaged.

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