Connected Talent Management Strategy

Tie your talent management strategy together with competencies

Many people do not take performance reviews seriously because they are not measured or rewarded for results and utilizing related skills. In addition, many of the old methods of performance reviews are based on forms or templates used across multiple roles which have little to nothing to do with specific jobs, so they are not relevant.

In Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, he provided evidence from data captured over five years that drew a correlation between five universal, distinguishing characteristics companies possessed, and the fact that those same companies consistently produced great results.

Like companies, not all employees are created equal. For example, research shows that “A” players outsell their peers by at least 48% in sales positions, have a more positive effect on customers than other employees, and deliver superior team performance when included in a work group. A small team of “A” players can run circles around a giant team of “B” and “C” players. Additionally, “A” players consistently use a common set of competencies associated with their specific role.

Among the many reasons for using a competency-based performance management system, two of them make the case for connecting your talent management strategy together with competencies:

Competencies can distinguish and differentiate roles and the organization: Competencies represent a behavioral dimension on which organizations can distinguish and differentiate roles within the organization and the organization itself.

Competencies can integrate performance management practices:  With competencies appropriately defined, organizations can align their recruiting, performance management, training and development and reward practices to build and reinforce key valued behaviors.

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