Continuous Talent Management Strategy: It’s a Process, Not an Event

TOP largeContinuous Talent Management Strategy: It’s a Process, Not an Event

In a past life, I was a process improvement specialist, and I can tell you once you’ve done it, it’s always in your blood. Quite simply, when looking to implement a new talent management strategy you must look at and design the process first, before any changes are made. The process becomes the roadmap for how you operate, what each person’s role and accountabilities will be and the business rules needed for decision making.

One of the most important things you can do when developing your talent management strategy is to design a process that encompasses the above and enables you to sustain the changes you are making. In fact, pretty much the same process can be used for each element of talent management, meaning hiring/onboarding, performance management, succession planning, career management, and so forth.

To begin you need a baseline, or a benchmark of the person’s abilities so you know what your next steps will be no matter what the circumstances. In other words, where are their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (that’s right, a SWOT analysis). We call this step ASSESS which provides the data you’ll need to make decisions.

Next, you need to analyze the data and start formulating a plan to go forward. For example, what competencies does an individual need to work on to improve performance, what might the individual’s needs be to move to the next step in their career or are they a candidate to become part of your succession plan. Simply put…PLAN.

Now, put things into action. Using the decisions made in the previous step, commit it to writing. What needs to be done, by what date, with what expected results, to DEVELOP that individual. Furthermore, by looking at the whole organization at this point, you may uncover needs for inhouse training, coaching or mentoring that you didn’t recognize before.

Finally, you need to MANAGE the process by accessing reports, checking and tracking progress, making notes and edits along the way and marking items complete. Not only does it give folks a sense of accomplishment, it prevents the trap of “out of sight, out of mind”, increases user adoption and enables sustainability.

Jackie Messersmith is President and CEO of Talent Management LLC. Talent Management is the developer and distributor of Talent Snapshot®, an integrated, competency-based, “in the cloud” talent management solution. Jackie can be reached at 513-528-9700 or

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