Bottom-line business results directly correlate to the talent management programs that organizations use throughout the employee lifecycle. Assessments are the first step in a continuous improvement process.

Talent Snapshot® Talent Assessments are powered by a competency management framework which employs a rigorous, scientific methodology to identify the few behaviors that account for the differences in performance between top and average performers, and predict success. This content has been validated by over 40 years of research with a database of over 450,000 participants using test re-test studies. This produces extremely accurate and precise measurement that it far exceeds the traditional descriptive technology.

Using this content, we have over 180 validated critical success skills and over 100 pre-defined, validated benchmark jobs available. In addition, we have identified more than 140 key performance factors in our performance management system library, making ours the only solution which offers a two-dimensional appraisal – key performance metrics and critical success skills. Our Talent Assessments make use of 1:1 reviews and 360° assessment software and have a number of features built in that allow users to maximize those results:

Features of Talent Snapshot’s Talent Analytics-driven Talent Assessment software include:

  • The capability to kick off a performance assessment with 1:1 reviews or 360° assessment software
  • The only solution with over 100 validated, pre-loaded Job Profiles backed by over 40 years of research and are continuously tested and re-tested
  • A library of over 180 statistically-validated Critical Success Skills, with statements and coaching tips established from the same research
  • A library of over 140 metric-driven Key Performance Factors available as an overall menu but also pre-populated into job profiles on a suggestion basis
  • A two-dimensional approach that evaluates not only performance results but also the qualitative use of job-specific skills
  • The flexibility to: (a) use pre-defined, pre-loaded, validated Job Profiles, (b) build individual, descriptive profiles or (c) select a common set of Performance Factors and Critical Success Skills from our library of Key Performance Factors and Critical Success Skills