Mission and Vision

Developing People for Outstanding Results

“My business is not to remake myself, but make the absolute best of what God made.” Robert Browning

What really drives us is our promise to deliver a fully integrated, affordable talent management software solution that is “Research-based, Integrated and Customizable”.

Talent Management’s vision is to “Optimize Human and Organizational Performance.” We achieve this by using content which has been validated by over 40 years of research with a database of over 450,000 participants using test re-test studies. The result is content that is extremely accurate and produces precise measurement with such high resolution that it far exceeds the traditional descriptive technology on over 100 benchmark jobs and over 180 job competencies.  This enables users to target the right skills for improvement and set meaningful goals that help organizations realize their objectives.

Our mission of “Engage Employees. Get Results” keeps us focused on developing solutions that are simple to use, flexible and customizable, so that our users can focus on the business at hand – measuring actual performance, developing relevant skills and planning and managing the future. The end results? Engaged employees.

As a result of our “built from scratch” Talent Snapshot® talent management software solution, our users experience holistic, unique and powerful functionality, along with a better user experience.

We take the pain out of the performance management process with our “elegantly simple” talent management solution.