Develop Your Top Talent With Competency-Based Training and Development


Development plans are essential for employees to meet their goals and fulfill their career aspirations. It’s also good for your bottom-line.

Implement targeted development plans to close the gap between the self evaluation and others’ assessments using our targeted, competency-based online training, coaching tips and development suggestions, or use your own training programs or inhouse development programs.

Talent Snapshot’s® solution has been pre-populated with some of the best online competency-based training and development programs offered by BizLibrary to make development planning a snap, and help employees master the skills necessary to succeed in their job.

Ask yourself, “What is superior performance worth?” This is easier to answer for some jobs than others, but there is always an answer for each job.

Let’s look at a sales job to illustrate the point. In a recent study of 1,800 companies, completed by Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Insights it was found that by choosing the right competency model, organizations can increase revenues on average by $4-6 million. In addition, those organizations who utilize granular, role-related behaviors that predict success were 20% more likely to hit their sales quotas, increase deal sizes YOY by 5.5%, and close 10% more leads.

Business executives understand this kind of thinking, where they often do not understand other approaches that are seen as having little impact on the bottom line. It’s easy to make the business case for developing competencies when you produce results like these.