Content is King

Having robust content in any talent management solution can either make or break the successful implementation and user adoption within any organization.

What do we mean by content? It is the competencies, key performance indicators, job profiles, interview guides, development resources, performance review essentials and other foundational resources that support your talent management initiative.

Let’s take a look at some of these essentials…

Competency Library

A competency is a group of highly interrelated attributes, including knowledge, skills and abilities that give rise to the behaviors needed to perform a job effectively. Competencies can be either technical or behavioral. Valid competency libraries contain competencies that have been researched and validated over a period of time.

Key Performance Indicator Library

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined as quantifiable, specific measures of an organization’s performance in certain areas of its business. Individuals’ objectives/goals should align with KPIs in order to contribute to the organization’s overall success.

Job Profiles

Job Profiles are a collection of the 6-12 critical competencies required to successfully perform the work for a specific job or role (e.g., customer service representative) or for a specific purpose (e.g., leadership). In some instances, the collection of competencies are predictive of success in a given job or role.

Interview Guides

Interview guides are a structured set of interview questions to assess candidates against the competencies/behaviors required for a given job or role. They’re most useful if there are two separate guides, so a variety of questions can be asked during the interview process.

Competency Assessments

Competency assessments provide the content for a useful assessment of development priorities for a current or future job. Competency assessments list behaviors and an appropriate rating scale that can be used for onboarding, self-assessments or assessments of others.

Development Planning

Development planning includes competency-driven resources that are designed to strengthen an individual’s job competence and performance. These resources include on-the-job activities, such as a special project, books, eLearning, instructor-led training, coaching and mentoring, social learning, and other approaches.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a combination of: (1) an appraisal of the results someone is producing and, (2) competency-based behavioral statements for reviewers to appropriately measure employee performance. Reviews can include 1:1 assessments or 360 assessments which include outside perspectives and/or peer reviews.

When considering a talent management solution, look for one that contains robust, expert, validated content. In the long run it will save you time and money and provide the quality you need for effective talent management.

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Jackie Messersmith is President and CEO of Talent Management LLC. Talent Management provides consulting services to small to mid-size businesses to put an employee engagement culture and talent strategy in place, and is the developer of Talent Snapshot®, an integrated, competency based, online talent management solutions. Jackie can be reached at 513-528-9700 or