Talent Management by Talent Snapshot®

Management needs to focus their time and energy on growing their business, not the hassles of talent management. Talent Snapshot® helps businesses make better talent decisions, cut HR administration costs and improve performance while providing online, instant access to the employee information they need.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your employees dissatisfied with your performance appraisal processes?
  • How simple is your employee performance evaluation system to use? Do you need a spreadsheet to track your spreadsheets?
  • Does your current employee performance review process fall short of helping you identify and develop your talent?
  • Is it tied to compensation, making it a contentious event?
  • Is your coaching, training and development targeted to help employees master the skills identified as important to drive success?
  • Does your current employee performance evaluation process help you make better decisions about your talent?

Do your answers make you uneasy? If so, you are probably using the old, tired approach to evaluating employees. More than that, you are getting no guarantee that your efforts will impact the performance of your people

Lead your organization’s transformation to talent-driven business execution with Talent Snapshot®’s integrated, talent management approach using our exclusive Talent Optimization Process (TOP™). Our simple, flexible and affordable “in the cloud” solution let’s you get started with minimal hassle.

Talent Snapshot®’s ‘built-from-scratch’ talent management software features:

  • SaaS model – no software or servers to purchase
  • Simple to use, workflow driven technology
  • An affordable seat license pricing model, making entry into the talent management nearly pain free
  • Availability of pre-defined, predictive job profiles, for easy, inexpensive set up