Engaging with Key Stakeholders

Critical Conversations with your Key Stakeholders

In previous blogs, we’ve written about the importance of aligning your talent management strategy with your business strategy – or congruency. As you’ll see in our last article of the series by Brian Clapp, Chief Operating Officer, CCI Consulting, one way to ensure that you stay synched is to be deliberate about communicating with the key stakeholders in your organization…

Organizations are complex systems.  Roles, resources, and workflow from one group or function are often connected and reliant on the work product of other groups or functions.  Work flow is also often interconnected in informal (or less obvious) but no less important ways with other key stakeholders.  Your ability to achieve success is enhanced by increasing your awareness and focus on collaborating and leveraging this network of resources, stakeholders, and influencers.

Draw a stakeholder map of key teams, functions, and people that you will interface with, both within the organization and externally, so you can establish a sense of how your role and your team fits within the broader system.  With input from your boss (and others), define a strategy, priority, and timing for outreach and conversation with each stakeholder contact.  Determine who you need to connect with in the first 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

For each stakeholder, identify a strategy to get acquainted, begin building relationships, and understand:

  • What does each stakeholder needs/expect from me and my team?
  • What will I likely need and expect from them?
  • What are their perceptions about the potential challenges and opportunities?
  • Are there issues and concerns that need to be addressed?

Taking the time to fully engage your boss, your team, and your key stakeholders in these critical conversations will help you better navigate the organization and identify the broader context and expectations of the new role or new responsibilities.  Focusing on immersion and understanding before jumping into implementation and execution increases the opportunity to identify and deliver “early wins” that help both you and organization see success in the critical first months and beyond.

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Jackie Messersmith is President and CEO of Talent Management LLC. Talent Management provides consulting services to small to mid-size businesses to put a top performing company culture and talent strategy in place, and is the developer and distributor of Talent Snapshot®, an integrated, competency-based, “in the cloud” talent management solution. Jackie can be reached at 513-528-9700 or jackie@talentmanagementllc.com.