Managers and staff alike too often view Performance Development as time consuming, excessively subjective, demotivating, and ultimately unhelpful in building skills and bandwidth. The same can be said for Succession Planning, Career Development and Leadership Development.

Add to this the fact that, according to Gallup, 70% of employees are disengaged in their work at a cost to US companies of $550B annually, and you have a case to reinvent and blend both. These dollars include the high cost of turnover, lost productivity, poor morale, safety issues and more.

As further evidence, Gartner recently published a report entitled Convergence of Performance Management and Employee Engagement, which provides data on the continued evolution of talent management systems, and the move towards systems that can address both.

Our exclusive Talent Optimization Process™ provides the infrastructure for organizations and/or businesses to leverage human capital to achieve their desired outcomes, and improve engagement.

Talent Snapshot’s talent management solution provides you with a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, monitoring, supervising, giving and receiving feedback, coaching and documenting. The emphasis is on actual performance, not on effort or personality traits.

With our integrated Talent Snapshot® talent management suite, employing our exclusive TOP™ approach you can:

  • ASSESS: Use our built-in competency management framework for employee performance development and value alignment
  • PLAN: Align your talent with business strategy and increase impact, by connecting employee goals with business’ Key Result Areas.
  • DEVELOP: Use our online development plan with goals/objectives, coaching tips, online learning and action steps to improve performance
  • MANAGE: Manage talent with our Talent SWOT™ and create accountability with built-in workflow, for talent performance management