Human Capital Management

The most valuable function of a human capital management, talent management or a performance management system is to: provide decision support to management on all human capital decisions, with a focus on improving those critical skills unique to each and every job that produce business results.

Talent Snapshot® solutions and our exclusive TOP™ process provide you with the data and tools you need to make informed human capital management decisions.

Talent Snapshot’s talent management solution provides you with a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, monitoring, supervising, giving and receiving feedback, coaching and documenting. The emphasis is on actual performance, not on effort or personality traits.

With our integrated Talent Snapshot® talent management suite, employing our exclusive TOP™ approach you can:

  • Assess: Our Talent Assessments use the most valid and reliable content on the market today, using over 40 years of talent analytics which has resulted in the definition of over 100 benchmark jobs. You have the flexibility to customize a job or select a common set of skills and performance factors to assess teams using this same validated content.
  • Plan: Our online Personal Performance Planning solution guides participants through defining not only their performance goals, but other goals and objectives or projects important to their role and contribution to the corporate strategy.
  • Develop: Our Development Plan includes competency-based online training, coaching tips and development to help employees master the skills necessary to succeed in their job. The manager is also provided with complimentary skill-based coaching tips.
  • Manage: With Talent Snapshot® you can manage your employee lifecycle through performance reviews, development plans, learning, coaching, succession planning, career management and leadership development. Additionally, it is workflow driven with cues and reminders that take the guesswork out of employee performance management.