Link Learning to Business Performance

A 2015 McKinsey survey found that the most effective companies focus on sustaining skills and linking learning to business performance. Most respondents said “…sustaining capabilities over time and linking learning to company performance are integral parts of their capability-building programs. They typically use more methods than others to develop employee skills, more often say their human resources functions and businesses co-own learning, more often use metrics to assess the impact of their programs on the business, and in turn report more success at meeting their programs’ targets.”

Companies most often consider customer demand and strategic importance when making decisions about where to focus learning within their organizations. And, while leadership development still leads the pack, building capabilities comes in at a close second.

On the job training remains the most popular method for training employees, which includes mentoring and coaching. However, as the eLearning industry continues to mature and improve, utilizing new methods and approaches, such as job aids, videos and micro-learning leaves room for improvement in what is offered.

To capitalize on the skill-development work companies are already doing, it’s critical for organizations to formalize their approaches to maintaining and improving capabilities. Unfortunately, few organizations use structured, objective third-party diagnostics. This highlights the opportunity to use a valid competency model coupled with manager assessments and self-assessments as a method of identifying capability needs, and planning learning paths.

In our previous blog, Employee Super Powers, we wrote about the importance of addressing the capabilities gaps that exist in business today. It include these eight critical skills, which is a good place to start for any organization to start:

  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Analytic Ability
  • Team Orientation
  • Effective Communication
  • Initiative
  • Accountability
  • Working with Others

Talent Snapshot® can help your organization identify the capability gaps, as well as the individual employees in your workforce that need to develop these critical skills. We provide the coaching tips and online learning within our solution so employees can master these skills, over time, for better business performance.

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Jackie Messersmith is President and CEO of Talent Management LLC. Talent Management provides consulting services to small to mid-size businesses to put an employee engagement culture and talent strategy in place, and is the developer of Talent Snapshot®, an integrated, competency based, online talent management solutions. Jackie can be reached at 513-528-9700 or