Career Development for Top Talent

On the list of things that are important to employees is the Opportunity to Learn and Grow.

Our competency management framework is at the heart of our talent management solution. With that, you get built-in, predictive job profiles from our library of over 300 job titles. These profiles can be used to choose the next stage of an employee’s career and identify which new skills are needed.

Employees can plan for advancement using either 1:1 or peer reviews to gather feedback about their performance, and pinpoint the skills that need to be developed in order to move ahead. Either way, your employees are clear on the steps they need to take to progress in their career and how they can develop performance excellence.
Prepare your talent for successful career moves.

Career Development Features

Talent Snapshot’s® Individual Development Planning Guide includes:

  • An online individual development plan integrated with our 1:1 reviews, utilizing the feedback received as a catalyst for learning and development
  • A place to record, track and manage performance objectives linked to your Key Performance Factors
  • A spot to request help from a manager, which encourages conversation and collaboration
  • Competency-based coaching tips for employees and managers
  • A skills gap analysis of assessment results collected from the individual and other evaluators
  • A descending order analysis of results, so decision making about strengths and weaknesses are easily made
  • The ability for participants to consolidate their current goals, objectives, development actions and special projects into a Individual Development Plan
  • Built-in workflow to allow participants and managers to define, schedule, execute, manage and track development, objectives, feedback and progress
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