Develop your Best and Brightest with Competency-Based eLearning and Coaching

Development plans are essential for employees to meet their goals, improve their skills and fulfill their career aspirations. Turn development plans into something more than words on a page with Talent Snapshot's® competency-based training solution.

Implement online, personal development plans to close the gaps, using our competency-based eLearning, coaching guides and development suggestions or use your own.

Talent Snapshot’s® optional competency-based training solution has been pre-populated with some of the best eLearning programs available from Skillsoft and BizLibrary to make development planning a snap, and help employees master the skills they need to succeed in their job.
development-planning Talent Snapshot's® Development Plans help employees to meet their goals and fulfill their career aspirations.

Learning and Coaching Features

Our Talent Snapshot® Competency-Based Learning and Development solution includes:

  • A focus on skills chosen as the most important to develop and improve performance, that far exceeds traditional technology
  • Pre-populated online, competency-based learning and development options
  • Competency-based coaching guides for participants and managers
  • One place for learning and development objectives to reside along with performance goals and objectives
  • Comprehensive reporting for analysis, planning and decision-making for learning and coaching needs
  • Pre-defined, built-in workflow to allow participants and managers to define, schedule, execute, manage and track development, objectives, feedback and progress
  • Workflow-driven email reminders and cues designed to help participants and manager track and manage progress
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