Employee Performance Development

A performance review should lead to a performance development road map, something that connects talent to where they are now, where they would like to go, and what they’ve achieved…and at the same time improve engagement.

There are four things employees look for from a performance review: Job Clarity and Priorities, Opportunities to Learn and Grow, Feedback and Communication, and a Culture of Accountability.

Provide clarity and save time and money with our predictive job profiles, or customize your own using our world-class competency management framework. As a bonus, use our researched Key Performance Indicators for effective alignment and prioritization of objectives.

Either way, your employees will be clear on their role in business strategy execution, how they support your organizational culture, and steps needed to develop performance excellence.
Talent Snapshot® provides a new way of looking at the talent in your company.

Employee Performance Development Features

Our built-in, innovative 1:1 reviews and 360° feedback assessments include:

  • Research-based competency framework, using predictive analytics, with definitions, measurable statements and resulting coaching tips
  • Validated job profiles for over 100 benchmark jobs translating into over 300 job titles
  • Built-in library with 180 competencies and over 140 Key Performance Factors
  • 1:1 reviews and 360° feedback assessments
  • An exclusive bench strength view
  • A quantitative-driven rating system to take the guesswork out of assessments
  • A two-dimensional view, measuring job-specific key performance factors and critical success skills, in other words a quantitative as well as a qualitative view
  • Integrated talent management solution
  • A comprehensive feedback report of the results
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