Leadership Development for Strategy and Culture Alignment

We’ve all heard about or experienced the lack of skills at the leadership level in many organizations. The outcome of this skills gap can be catastrophic to both retention of top employees and shareholder value. It’s been found that improving specific mid-level manager skills can lead to a substantial 21% improvement in company performance.

The value of effective competency assessments is enhanced when they are integrated throughout an organization’s talent management strategy and practices, including Leadership Development.

Customize your own list of leadership skills and align with your values using our world-class competency management framework. As a bonus, use our researched Key Performance Indicators for effective alignment and prioritization of leadership objectives.
Effectively align leadership competencies with business strategy.

Leadership Development Features

Our Talent Snapshot® Competency-Based Learning and Coaching solution includes:

  • A focus on skills chosen as the most important to develop and improve performance, that far exceeds traditional technology
  • Pre-populated online, competency-based learning and development options
  • A wide variety of formats: short, micro-video lessons, more in-depth video courses, interactive video programs and eLearning courses
  • Unlimited access to workplace training content on any device, anytime and anywhere for true just-in-time learning
  • Competency-based coaching tips for participants and managers to improve engagement
  • One place for learning and development objectives to reside along with performance goals and objectives
  • Comprehensive reporting for analysis, planning and decision-making for learning and coaching needs
  • Pre-defined, built-in workflow to allow participants and managers to define, schedule, execute, manage and track development, objectives, feedback and progress
  • Workflow-driven email reminders and cues designed to help participants and manager track and manage progress
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