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Work in the future is likely to introduce a wide range of new jobs, which we can scarcely imagine today. Understandably, attention has been given to the kind of skills these jobs might require. Add to this baby boomers leaving the workplace, and taking with them the soft skills they’ve acquired and perfected over time.

Senior executives acknowledge there is a serious gap in workforce skills. Yet, for all the traditional talk about a skills gap in technical and computer skills, many respondents cite soft skills, such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, as the area with the biggest gap.

Employees are looking for opportunities to develop skills as well. On average, 3 in 10 employees strongly agree that there is someone at work who encourages their skills development. When that figure increases to 6 in 10 employees, organizational profitability increases by 11%, employee retention by 28%, and customer satisfaction by 6%!


So where does training fit in when we’re talking about competencies? The best competency-based talent development programs focus on specific workplace behaviors that are essential to achieving strategic organizational goals and boosting job performance. The ultimate goal of your competency-based training program should be to tie every development program to specific competencies, measure skills gaps and identify needed training to close skills gaps and increase competency.

Thorough and vigorous development and application of competencies supports organizational performance in a changing world. Competency-based training applies at the individual (micro) and organizational (macro) levels. You need to provide training that can encompass both organizational and individual goals and is readily available exactly when it’s needed, not just at scheduled training times. Once you’re able to provide this type of training, you’ll find building your competency-based training programs much more straightforward.

The BizLibrary Collection is an award-winning, aggregated, online training library containing thousands of micro videos that cover a wide variety of topic areas, such as business skills, HR compliance, information technology, and leadership and management. Courses come in a variety of formats, with support materials, quizzes and reinforcement boosters. They are offered in a mobile friendly environment with unlimited access to content users want and need.

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