Built-in or Customizable, Innovative Talent Assessments

Look through a new lens.

Focusing on the talent of your organization is an effortless process with Talent Snapshot's® talent management software. Identify and make decisions about your talent, culture, leadership and bench strength - “Star Players”, “Diamonds in the Rough” and “Questionable Fits” - with our simple Snapshot view.

Talent Snapshot® includes innovative 1:1 reviews and 360° feedback assessments as part of its solution to provide you with a new way of looking at the talent in your company. We've removed the subjectivity from employee ratings by applying a quantitative and qualitative approach to the rating system.

Our scientific method emphasizes measurable Key Performance Factors and validated Critical Success Skills so you have a clear picture of the talent in your organization.

Look through a new lens to evaluate your talent. Talent Snapshot® provides a new way of looking at the talent in your company.

Talent Assessment Features

Our built-in, innovative 1:1 reviews and 360° feedback assessments include:

  • Research-based competency model, using predictive analytics, with definitions, measurable statements and resulting coaching tips
  • Validated job profiles for over 100 benchmark jobs translating into over 300 job titles
  • Built-in library with 180 competencies and over 140 Key Performance Factors
  • 1:1 reviews and 360° feedback assessments
  • An exclusive bench strength view
  • A quantitative-driven rating system to take the guesswork out of assessments
  • A two-dimensional view, measuring job-specific key performance factors and critical success skills, in other words a quantitative as well as a qualitative view
  • Integrated talent management solution
  • A comprehensive feedback report of the results
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