Talent Snapshot®...Elegantly Simple

“We were looking for an affordable, competency-based 360° assessment solution to provide feedback to our staff about their performance. Our ultimate goal is to provide them with the coaching and development they need to improve their performance and serve their customers well. Talent Snapshot® not only provided that solution, but also the flexibility we needed to combine our previously defined competencies for managers and individual contributors with validated, predictive job competencies. And, it is simple and easy for our staff to use!”
Katherine Krejci Ed.D, Human Capital Engagement, The Sherwin-Williams Company

With Talent Snapshot® all of your employees can use one simple to use, easy to implement and affordably priced talent management solution, that's “built from scratch” to drive better employee performance.

We know that your people are your competitive advantage, and in a small or mid-size business every employee counts and time is precious. Talent Snapshot® gives you all of the talent management tools you need to help your people be their best. And unlike our competitors, our foundation is “people development” which means we’ve designed our solution with learning and development in mind.

Get started with minimal hassle, using our in-the-cloud solution.
Talent Snapshot's® integrated, in the cloud talent management software solution is "Elegantly Simple".

Talent Snapshot® Software Features

Talent Snapshot® talent management software makes it all happen effortlessly for the small to mid-sized business. Just check the boxes, add detail where needed, and the software does the rest!

  • Cloud based, workflow driven and secured.  It’s secure, simple to use, train and administer.  Requires no internal company servers or IT maintenance. Includes tracking tools, status reports, email notifications and reminders throughout for sustained user adoption. An appraisal, feedback or development session will never be late again!
  • Competency and Key Performance Factor content. For relevant assessments and feedback, we use the most valid competency management framework on the market today, and include researched KPFs. Improve engagement and organizational alignment by connecting competencies and goals to your overall strategy.
  • Validated job profiles. No guessing, save time and money. Use our validated, predictive job profiles or customize your own to fit your industry and any special needs. Improve productivity as employees learn how to be better at their jobs, with relevant personalized information and recommended actions.
  • Development plans. Take action. Build a talented, committed, and motivated workforce with customized development plans based on individual skills and competencies. Define, track and manage key performance objectives, along with developmental goals and objectives.
  • Analytics. Make a difference with a talent-driven business strategy. Our Snapshot, Learning and Talent SWOT™ and other reports provide the data you need to make informed decisions. Measure the impact your development programs have on  achieving overall business goals.
  • Online courseware and coaching tips. Target learning. With no separate log in, employees have easy access to competency-based coaching guides and world-class e-learning. Reduce voluntary turnover with the knowledge that employees can build a career and acquire new skills.
  • Integration. No modules. No additional costs. It’s all included! Reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data entry with our user friendly, fully integrated solution.
  • Quick and easy to set up. Since the job competencies and key performance indicators are already written for over 300 job titles, all you have to do is tweak the information to fit your organization!
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT – Superior Customer Support throughout the year that will make sure you get the most out of your investment, and grow with you as you grow!
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