Survivor: Operation Performance Review

assessIt’s that time of year again – performance evaluations. I’m sure your employees can hardly wait! Just kidding, of course.

Managers are equally wary of this process. However, if you take the right approach to performance development you can turn performance reviews from dreadful to insightful.

First, use proven strategies for making the performance review process more meaningful, enjoyable and productive for everybody involved by making sure your managers are prepared.

The top missing skills for mangers include many that impact the effectiveness of performance reviews. When you look at these, you can easily see why performance reviews are not always everyone’s favorite thing to do. If managers are prepared, they can improve the performance evaluation experience. Consider online courses to beef up managers’ skills for:

  • Coaching
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Developing Others
  • Managing Change
  • Communicating
  • Business Acumen

Second, managers need to be well prepared for feedback conversations. They need to:

  • Consider individual, departmental and organizational needs
  • Align individual goals with company Key Performance Indicators
  • Offer a variety of activities and development opportunities, e.g. mentoring
  • Connect competencies with personal growth and career opportunities
  • Provide convenient options for development, e.g. online learning
  • Measure effectiveness and results

Third, make sure your employees are prepared to receive feedback. Offer them courses that will help them to use the feedback they receive to improve their performance and further their careers. Employees should:

  • Try not to be defensive
  • Listen to understand and ask questions
  • Look for opportunities to grow and improve performance
  • Summarize what they’re hearing from their manager and ask for examples
  • Be open and approachable
  • Check with others for their honest opinions on the feedback received
  • Show appreciation for feedback received
  • Control their emotions

There are online courses available for receiving feedback well, and using it to further personal and career growth.

Proper preparation on both the manager’s and employee’s part makes for a much more productive and effective conversation, and a long-lasting relationship.

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Jackie Messersmith is President and CEO of Talent Management LLC and Talent Snapshot®. Talent Management provides consulting services to small to mid-size businesses to put an employee engagement culture and aligned talent strategy in place. 

Talent Snapshot® utilizes our exclusive Talent Optimizations Process™ and competency management framework to provide our customers with a simple way to manage their talent. What really drives us is our promise to deliver a turnkey, affordable, integrated talent management software solution for small to mid-size businesses.

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