Talent management is a continuous cycle of assessing, planning, developing and managing people. We have built and designed Talent Snapshot®’s talent management software with integration in mind from the beginning…no modular approach here.

We make talent management painless by taking the guesswork out of the process. Talent Snapshot® is totally workflow driven, with built-in reminders and cues automatically sent out throughout the assessment, planning and development cycle, with the ability to log progress and record notes during each development cycle.

Talent Snapshot®’s talent management software solution features:

  • Talent management information at your fingertips to make informed decisions
  • Consistent and accurate performance ratings with less effort
  • Suggested, targeted coaching guides to for improved performance
  • Triggers and reminders sent throughout the assessment process to keep evaluations on track and on time
  • Integration between the assessment, planning and development cycle
  • Built-in business rules so that you don’t forget next steps and due dates
  • Pre-defined, integrated workflow to allow participants and managers to define, schedule, execute, manage and track development, objectives, feedback and progress
  • Workflow-driven email reminders and cues designed to help participants track and manage progress
  • SWOT reports which allow you to view progress made on an individual, departmental and organizational level